One of my favorite companies, Momentum Jewelry recently launched a campaign Called “Share the Spark.” Ladies, if you don’t know about Momentum Jewelry, you need to get to know them. Their motto is “be your own cheerleader.” The company is all about celebrating ourselves and our strengths. Their motivate wrap is my favorite. Not only is it comfortable to wear, even when working out, but it has an inspirational saying on it. As an ambassador for the company, I was able to participate in the Share the Spark Campaign. I was sent four bracelets to give away to fellow strong athletes. The bracelets feature two sayings, “you got this” and “Never give up.” What a fun task for me to complete. Who would I give them to? I didn’t have to think too hard about it. The answer came to me by way of four fierce soccer girls. More on that in a bit. First, I have to acknowledge the amazing strength it takes to push yourself athletically in this world full of distractions.

Growing up, I was active to a point. I swam on the swim team, I took dance classes and danced for the school drill team. Despite doing these things, I wouldn’t characterize myself as an athlete growing up. I hated to run. Absolutely hated to run. I remember faking injuries to get out of running the track in P.E. class. The P.E. teachers hid me on the field or court when it was time to play softball, soccer, basketball, tennis, etc. I didn’t particularly like to sweat and I also didn’t like to feel any muscles burning. I would say I was pretty good at dancing and swimming, but those activities didn’t really require me to push past my comfort zone and work to the point of ultimate exhaustion. I also think that when I was younger I didn’t yet have that intrinsic desire to push myself when it came to physicality. I was always driven and ambitious when it came to my goals, my goals just never happened to involve athleticism. For me, this drive to push my physical limits didn’t come until the age of 35.

The fact that my athleticism didn’t come to me until later in life is the very reason that I am so in awe of my daughters’ and their friends’ athleticism. My girls are competitive soccer players and they get pushed around and knocked down. They sprint across the soccer field to save balls with great expressions of determination on their faces. They dance around on top of the ball in order to make awesome passes and shots on the goal. They play all positions and take criticism from their coaches in stride and learn from it. I often sit back in my lawn chair in awe of my girls. They fight so hard playing the sport that they absolutely adore. I am so happy that at such an early age my girls have learned the feeling of accomplishment one gets from pushing herself athletically.

This year I followed the U.S Olympic Marathon Trials. I was so proud of all of the athletes, but the great display of teamwork exhibited by Cragg and Flanigan was particularly inspiring. The fact that Cragg sensed Flanigan fading and ran beside her motivating her to keep pushing is incredibly selfless. Many have asserted that Cragg held back in order to stay by Flanigan’s side for as long as she could before she pushed on ahead securing her number one spot. I sat my daughters down and we read the mile by mile recap and viewed the finish line photos. Cragg and Flanigan are competitors that build each other up and help motivate each other. This is the true definition of an athlete: one who beats her own best, enjoys competition, and supports others. This is how I want to be and how I want my girls to be.

So, after witnessing my girls and their teammates fight hard at a soccer tournament and high five each other and yell, “Good job” to each other, it was clear that my two girls and their two good friends, that happened to be staying the night at our home, should receive the bracelets. What a beautiful sisterhood these girls have. How great is it that at this tender age they already know how powerful motivating each other and drawing upon ispiration is. They are strong, fierce, passionate, and intense. They inspire me.

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