“Why do I hate foam rolling?”

Why do I hate foam rolling?

I certainly have the motivation to run, do strength training, practice yoga, and to stretch, but foam rolling? Somehow I am always able to find excuses to skip foam rolling. I only wish my time with the foam roller could be as quick as it is in this video.

So why do I avoid foam rolling?

1. It hurts.

2. I can’t relax and lie down while doing it.

3. It hurts.

4. I’d rather just lie around.

5. It hurts.

6. It takes time away from my lounging time.

7. It hurts.

8. I’d rather make excuses as to why I can’t do it rather than to just do it.

Here’s what I know foam rolling will do for me:

1. Make my muscles elastic instead of tight.

2. Work out tight, stiff spots.

3. Keep me injury free.

4. Prevent trouble spots from forming.

5. Relieve my muscle tightness much better than stretching alone.

Here’s why I should foam roll:

1. When I’m done I will feel better (just like after a run).

2. It is good for me to do it on myself because only I truly know exactly where it hurts.

3. It is uncomfortable, but doable, much like difficult points on a


So, in summation, the main reason I don’t foam roll enough is that IT HURTS. I also get lazy and after running, doing strength training, and stretching, it’s so easy to just skip it. I know that just like I tendorize meat, I need to roll out those tight spots. Stretching a muscle with a knot in it is rather like stretching a cord with a knot in it … that knot is not going anywhere. I also know that purchasing a foam roller isn’t enough, it turns out I need to actually use it.

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