“Why did I begin running?”

Why did I begin running?

Last week I tackled the question, “why do I run?” This week I’m asking myself, “why did I start running in the first place?” This question is somehow easier to answer for me. At 35 years old with a husband and a seven and eight year old, I was yearning for something of my own. My hormones were changing and I felt this sense of restlessness. I honestly couldn’t exactly put my finger on what it was, but I knew I needed something to fill some deep void. Movement seemed like the obvious answer. I considered running for several weeks before I actually started doing it. It seemed very practical. I could make it fit into my schedule, I really only would need shoes, and I could work at my own pace and make up my own rules.

After much reflection over the past few years during my long runs, I have determined that it was that notion of making up my own rules that really made me stick with running. I am very independent and kind of a loner.People who know me would probably describe me as an outgoing, sociable, people person, but I certainly like to do things my own way and on my terms. Sometimes group dynamics prove to be too much for me. I rather like working alone and feeling complete ownership over my accomplishments.Perhaps this makes me territorial or selfish, but it is how I am. Ultimately, I believe it was this need for autonomy that prompted me to choose running as my method of exercise therapy. I had a very rough start, as I guess most beginning runners experience, but each time I laced up and went on a run I felt myself becoming stronger. With each run I became better. I will never forget the time I was able to complete a three mile run without stopping. It was a monumental day. The rest, as the proverbial saying goes, is history.

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