“What is it about becoming a parent that makes us instantly feel guilty?”

What is it about becoming a parent that makes us instantly feel guilty?

We feel we are neglecting our children if we spend time on ourselves aside from their activities. I believe parents NEED to find a passion that they enjoy outside of their children, and a form of exercise is the most beneficial.

I found running at the age of 35, and I’ve never looked back. I am careful to tailor my running and strength training sessions around my family’s schedules so that I don’t miss out on their wonderful activities, but I no longer feel guilty about enjoying an activity meant solely for my own enjoyment. I recently saw a wonderful advertisement by Coffee Blocks that really got me thinking about this topic. Parents should carve out their own time for exercise because it will teach children:

1. Not to give up, even when it’s hard.

2. To care about something that improves the quality of life.

3. To not shy away from challenges and to celebrate accomplishments.

4. To cheer others on, and pick others up when they fall.

5. To enjoy feeling strong and inspiring others.

6. To always strive to improve.

7. To care about personal fitness and overall health.

8. To do what’s necessary, even when the motivation is lacking.

9. To be focused and goal-oriented.

10. To test physical and mental limits to define the human spirit.

This is why I say that we parents should resolve to not feel guilty about doing our own things. Something that is for us. Our children will admire us for our passion and strength.

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