“Social networking has completely changed my fitness experience.”


Social Media has completely transformed my fitness experience. I used to use Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter solely with friends and family with which I regularly interacted in person. Slowly, I began to add old high school friends and new friends to my Facebook account. As I became more and more passionate about my running, my social networking feeds started to become much more fitness related. What began to happen to me is that I believe I was somewhat putting my friends, family, and acquaintances off with all of the running and fitness-related posts. Slowly I began to get more involved with Twitter and Instagram and really began to participate in Twitter running chats and following other runners on both Twitter and Instagram. I started to realize that Twitter and Instagram are great places for me to focus on my fitness interests. I can feel free to post all of my running and fitness related pictures and musings and look at other people’s running and fitness related pictures and posts. Slowly but surely I found myself limiting my fitness pictures and posts solely to Twitter and Instagram and limiting my pictures and posts of all non-fitness related items to Facebook. This has helped me reach the correct audiences.

I was at a school district librarian meeting recently and a librarian acquaintance whom I also happen to be “friends” with on Facebook approached me to tell me how I haven’t been posting pictures of my running shoes on Facebook anymore. I remember she used to tease me about all of my running-related posts, and as I’m sure she didn’t intend her comments to be mean-spirited or ugly, sensitive me always kind of took them that way. I truly felt I was putting her off, and possibly many other family members and friends. This is why I have enjoyed compartmentalizing my social networking interactions. While my librarian friend thought it was odd that I posted all of these running and fitness related items, many others out in cyberspace that I have befriended, share these interests with me and we enjoy our own unique relationship online.

So, to all my Instagram and Twitter fitness friends: thanks for being there and sharing your lives with me.


10 thoughts on ““Social networking has completely changed my fitness experience.”

  1. Aww don’t let it bother you! While I agree that twitter and instagram are really awesome places to connect with others about running/fitness/other “extracurricular” interests, a post every now and then on good old facebook may get some eyerolls from friends and family but more often than not there’s also a lot of encouragement. The most touching moments for me have been when someone that I didn’t know was really aware of my fitness pursuits came up to me after running their first half and said that they were inspired by how much fun I’d been having with it. Plus, we all think you’re awesome 🙂 everyone else can just scroll down


  2. I totally agree with you on this. I usually get more support from my followers on instagram than I do on Facebook. Facebook I tend to have my family on there more than anything and I guess my family is pretty much used to me posting all my running achievements and workouts to where they don’t “like” the posts anymore. I do however get a “great job mijo” eveeytime from my mom 😊😊 but the support I get from instagram is outstanding and to think these random strangers give me so much support is great. I feed off that positivity and use it to keep going. In fact, I think I’m following you as well 😉 keep up the great work.

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  3. Interesting..I gave up FB years ago and haven’t looked back. I don’t have IG so after my first 5k I just texted my pictures to people. But maybe I may reconsider the IG just for running related pictures.


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