“Running on vacation makes me feel less like a tourist.”

Running on vacation makes me feel less like a tourist.

This past week I traveled to Austin, Texas for the Texas Library Association Annual Conference. I had the pleasure of listening to Gilbert Tuhabonye share his story. Tuhabonye wrote This Voice in My Heart: A Runner’s Memoir of Genocide, Faith and Forgiveness. Tuhabonye was the sole survivor of genocide in Kimbimba. He ran from an unspeakable tragedy and is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. He is a running legend and a philanthropist and he reminds me that I can achieve anything, regardless of stumbling blocks. Tuhabonye is an Austinite, and after hearing him speak, I couldn’t wait to run Austin. Vacation running is the best.

Running on vacation makes me feel less like a tourist. Before I leave town I research the area parks, lakes, trails or boardwalks and determine my route. I get so excited to run in a new place. Beach boardwalks, downtown streets, piney woods trails, hill country roads, Disney World trails … I’m so excited to run new places. This past week in Austin, I ran the trail around Lady Bird Lake, or as the long-time locals call it, Town Lake, and the downtown streets. Austin, home of the Capitol and the University of Texas, is like no other Texas city. Austin has the unofficial slogan “Keep Austin Weird” and is officially considered the live music capitol of the world. The city has a throbbing pulse and after running her streets I felt less like a tourist and more like an Austinite.


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