“Runners are the most positive, encouraging people.”

“Runners are the most positive, encouraging people.”

All runners have had negative thoughts & felt they could have pushed harder in a race or training session. Pessimism is the most formidable roadblock for runners. Perhaps this is why running so captivates us … it’s like we are having a love affair with running. The running frustrates us, but it also validates us. We make it a priority in our lives and we constantly work at it. I think runners are connected mainly because we all feel the same way when we lace up our shoes and head out the door. Every time I’ve asked an accomplished runner for advice they have always responded with a warm, helpful, encouraging response.

It’s just so hard at times to find other people that enjoy running as much as we do. It’s so fun to talk about running with someone who gets it. We find ourselves stifling our non-stop runner musings from most of the people around us, because guess what? We are kind of annoying with our peppy, frenetic running blabbering. But when we encounter another run lover, it’s as if we haven’t spoken words or shared a conversation with another human for decades. We are cave people, encountering outside stimulus finally. Time stops, we forget where we are and what we are doing. We blather incessantly about distance runs and speed work. We talk about gear and various races. We discuss what we do to prevent injury and what we know we need to work on but struggle with. We wish each other luck and we truly mean it, for we know how difficult, but also how rewarding this activity is. We are instant friends with this virtual stranger, for we share an inexplicable connection. Speaking with other run lovers makes me remember, completely, how fun running is.


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