“About to get new running shoes. Yes!”

About to get new running shoes, yes!

I’m a bit past due on purchasing these new running shoes. Do you do this? Go over mileage because you either …

A). want to wait to spend the money? (always my case) or

B). get too busy to go by the running store and get new ones? (never me … I can’t wait to get into the running store and get a new pair).

My main issue is that my husband and I are not wealthy. We make good livings and we live in a nice, modest, neighborhood and enjoy many nice luxuries, but between my daughters’ competitive soccer bills, groceries, bills, vacations etc. we feel our budget gets a bit overstretched. But, it’s time and I’m getting ready to bite the bullet and go buy the Mizuno Wave Rider 18 in deep lavender from my favorite local running store Wild Pear Running. But, is it weird that I’m a bit sad to say goodbye to my current Wave Riders?

While I’m super excited to get my new pair of running shoes … to feel that springy padding and enjoy that smooth ride, I’m also a bit sad to let go of my old shoes. Do you experience that? These are the shoes that I ran my first marathon in. Marathon. 26.2 miles. I honestly NEVER thought I’d do that. I actually used to tell people that I’d never be able to do a marathon. I’d say, “Oh, I’m just doing 5ks,” which turned into “Oh, I’m just doing 10ks,” which turned into, “Oh, I’m just doing half marathons.” Eventually, I knew it was time to do a full marathon, and I couldn’t wait to do the Chevron Houston Marathon. These very shoes are the shoes I ran that marathon in. It kind of hurts to toss them aside for a newer, fresher pair.

Is it weird that I feel a certain loyalty to them? They are, indeed, inanimate objects. But they are a symbol of my hard work. They are a constant reminder of the thing that I accomplished. That thing that I never thought I’d do. Would it be weird to put them in a shadowbox and display them in a discreet location? That would be weird, right? I think I may actually have to do this. Just for this one pair. Goodbye Mizuno Wave Rider 18s in blue silver. December 22, 2014-June 2, 2015. Rest in Peace.


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